Flipping Fact Friday: Revising the Public Complaint Review Process of Greeley-Evans School District

On January 13, 2023 the Greeley-Evans school district made a revision to their Public Complaint Review Process. (File KEC-R). In this change they added, “Despite its inclusion of content or language that may be considered offensive, graphic depictions of violence or sex for example, the relative literary value of the material as a whole outweighs its potential to offend.”

This change was not made to protect the students from material that contains such obscenity, but to cover the district’s bases since they have absolutely no protocol for bringing new books into the district. As well as no oversight to ensure that what books are being brought in with taxpayer money, is appropriate for the school.

These books have no warning labels, or ratings and disclaimers like movies do, so if a child who has encountered trauma in their lives, could be triggered while reading a book, and stumbling on a horrific scene in the book, like rape. If only 30% of our students can read at their current grade level, is it really important to expose them to obscenity, just to provide a global perspective and promote diversity? Are there no other books found in reviews that do not contain filth? This cannot actually be in our students best interest.

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