Stacey On The Issues

Giving Back the Power to Parents:

Whether it is making a simple decision for your child(ren) like having their pictures posted by the school district to something more serious like masks, pronouns, and curriculum, decisions need to be made by the parents. It is not a school district’s responsibility to make decisions for students, especially if it is against something the family genuinely believes. It is important to give the power back to the parents so they can continue to guide their children through life. If they are responsible for getting the child(ren) to school, responsible for their behavior at school, and responsible if the child is destructive to the school, then they need to be responsible for making all decisions for the child(ren), even while they are in school. I want to make parents feel empowered again, in their child’s education, even if they are at a public school. 

Guiding Students to Being Capable and Prepared for Life After High  School:

A common catchphrase school districts use is college and career ready. We need to make sure our children are truly ready for life after high school, whether that is in continuing their education at college, or jumping in to the workforce. No matter the chosen next step, every student should be competent in basic skills, such as math and reading. These are skills that are necessary for everyone in the real world. We need to ensure the students are actually learning and understanding basic skills but are also capable of implementing them in their life outside of school. 


Taking accountability is something we should all do. Students should take accountability for the quality of work they do in class. Teachers need to be accountable for presenting lesson plans that adequately educate the students. School administrators need to take accountability for making the school safe for all students. The school district should be accountable for how they are spending taxpayer dollars. Finally, parents need to be accountable for providing positive guidance for their child(ren) through their school experience. 

Stacey Casteel