Flipping Fact Friday: Questionable Financial Practices of the Greeley-Evans School District

An example of the questionable current financial practices of the Greeley-Evans school district, the school board has agreed that during the school year, the superintendent can spend up to $250,000 in a single transaction without the approval of the board.

This is how the district paid to increase their security at the district building, including purchasing facial recognition software and a computer system and storage needed to run such a program. They claim they did this because of the concerns of citizens attending school board meetings, despite a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) showing that the district did not receive any emails from concerned citizens.

If you think that it is concerning that the superintendent can spend so much during the school year without any internal controls or oversight, during the summer months, she has no limit to how much she spends. No wonder they went over their budget this last year by $8.2M.

This is your Flipping Fact Friday. Providing you with facts that will make you flip out, flip a table and flip our school board to represent what’s best for the students, parents, teachers and community, and not the administration of the Greeley-Evans school district.

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