Flipping Fact Friday: Equity vs Equality

Ready to flip out and flip this board?! Let’s talk equity verses equality. This can be a tough conversation but one that needs to be had.

Recently at the February 27th work session, the Greeley-Evans District 6 board of directors spent their time, not having healthy discussion over the policy changes pushed through at the previous meeting, (with no input or discussion from the board), but instead talked about equity verses equality and what everyone’s adjectives are. What makes you you, and how would you feel if someone took away one of your adjectives? Quality use of a work session.

The attached image was used during the district’s equity team’s presentation. What an amazing way to show the differences between equity and equality.

Except, that’s not what I see. I see three people who are demanding to have the ability to watch a game they didn’t pay to see. No need for boxes to stand on or ramps for better views, because inside the arena they have accommodations for others who have handicaps to help them enjoy the event.

Is it equitable or equal to the people who used their hard earned money to get a seat, that fits their needs inside the arena, that the people who didn’t pay, get the same view? And without paying?
We aren’t all the same. We all have different adjectives, and it’s a beautiful thing. America has prided herself as a melting pot, so why are we worried about equity when we should all be cheering and supporting each other to embrace our differences and no matter what our dreams are, shoot for the stars? Life is never going to be equitable or fair, but trying to take away from one person in hopes to give another person the exact same outcome, will always be putting someone at a disadvantage.

Outcome will always be dependent on the effort put in. The truth is, some will never want to put in full effort or very little and expect the same outcome as someone who gives it their all. They find themselves blaming others for the effort they did not put in. Let’s come together and figure out how to make us all stronger in the “effort” parts. Help kids when they have struggles and make sure they have encouragement and support to keep going even when it seems impossible. Wouldn’t that help us see better outcomes overall?

This is your Flipping Fact Friday providing you with facts about the Greeley-Evans School District to make you want to flip out, flip tables, and flip this board!

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