A Look Inside Oppositions Twisted Tactics: The “Are You Awake” Podcast

UPDATE: May 23, 2023 – Follow up episode released: https://youtu.be/do4k9qXPhVk

Back in March, I, along with my good friend Amber, got the opportunity to appear on the “Are You Awake?” podcast hosted by Alex and Ari.

In the podcast, Amber and I discuss Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning, sexualization of children, and other things going on in District 6 and across the country.

I posted the link to the podcast when it was released so people on my Stacey for D6 Facebook page could take a listen. It turns out that not just my supporters like my D6 page, and some of my future supporters listened and twisted words around and started spreading lies. Then I received certified mail at my house from Mr. Broderius that contained the attached letter and the entire hour and 47 minute podcast that he had used Artificial Intelligence to transcribe.

As you can see from his letter, Mr. Broderius wanted me to go through the transcript because AI sometimes couldn’t tell which speaker I was. Which makes sense because AI only has three speakers, yet there were 4. (Kids Reading This: don’t trust AI to do your homework for you! It may make you look less intelligent than what you truly are, or show that you cheated and used AI.). Something that wasn’t made known by my post was that this wasn’t just an audio podcast but an audio AND video.

I did get the opportunity to go back on the podcast to address some of these things and give some updates since March. So please stay tuned because I’ll be posting the link for the update as soon as it’s released.

Of all the information given on the original podcast, the only issue seems to be with my son attending private school, and taking that as me wanting to fire Superintendent Deidre Pilch. Clearly the opposition doesn’t have any problems with what was said about CRT, SEL, and comprehensive sex Ed in the district, but instead focused on their own fears and assume I want to fire the superintendent. Good thing I didn’t say that and it’s not on my agenda.

You can watch the full podcast episode in question here: https://youtu.be/8nKKM3EcYkU

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Stacey Casteel

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